Beta Testing 🚀

Hop on the Rocket ship! The express lane to pioneering features and golden opportunities to shape Code Snippets future. 

Benefits of beta testing

New feedback that ends up being used in the final product is rewarded in the following ways.

How to join?

As a beta tester, you’re not just a user but a crucial co-author in our ongoing Code Snippets Story. If your interested in joining the beta test program then please click the button below and follow our simple guide.

CS Beta Testing

Submit Feedback

Thank you so much for beta testing our plugin. To complete the process please spend a few minutes and fill out the simple form below with as much detail as you can for review by our development team.

To create and share screen recordings please use and for screenshots
Please note: By joining our Beta testing Program, you consent to receive messages from us as part of the beta testing process.