The Code Snippets Team

Shea Bunge

Chief Code

The original creator of the free version way back in 2012. Today he’s 50% owner of the Code Snippets company and still actively works on our plugins.

Verdi Heinz

Chief Company

He leads our little band of misfits and the community. Talk to him when you want to collaborate.  He owns the other 50% of the Code Snippets Company.

Nate Leibzon

Chief Comms

Product marketing is his jam, talk to him about anything related to our messaging. He also makes sure we all keep on task and have fun doing so.

Atif Riaz

Chief Cloud

Code Snippets Cloud is his purview. He laid the foundation and now works with the rest of the team on continuous improvements.

There are others we consider to be a vital part of our journey and we are deeply grateful for their friendship and wisdom. You know who you are : )

Code Snippets History

2012: Humble beginnings (zero active installs )

Back in June 13, 2012, Shea Bunge created a small plugin, simply to make it easier to inject code into functions.php. Much time was saved not having to use an FTP client and human error was also diminished. Over the years this free plugin was continuously improved and gained a large following.
No more child themes, fewer plugins!
By 2017 over 100.000 websites had the plugin running, using it to eliminate the need for Child Themes and preventing the use of many little plugins and the problems that come with that. By now a lot of Theme makers, plugin creators, and hosting companies have Code Snippets mentioned on their websites including their own Snippets to fix problems or offer useful customizations.

2017: Making things grow (100k active installs)

Around that time Verdi Heinz saw the potential Code Snippets had, where it could go beyond the effective functions it already offered and shared those thoughts with Shea via Github. As it turned out, several of those ideas were already lingering in the back of his mind but he never thought people would be interested in a Pro version. No Pro, no funding, no development. Verdi did believe it could be successful so decided to fund it privately and a partnership was born.

They worked on what different formats and new functions the Pro version would offer. Going beyond that, a new social platform started forming where people can share and rate snippets, thus creating a community of people helping each other save time and do more with fewer plugins.

2019: And now its a company (200k+)

Finally, in 2019 the Code Snippet company was founded. Shea would code, Verdi would focus on Design and the business side of things. Both of them would have one singular mission: Empowering Web Creators to customize their websites safely and easily with fewer plugins and no more child themes. Our bigger dream to create Cloud Snippets was only just born.

2020: Preparations to change WP forever (400k+)

We’ve only talked bout doing a Pro version here and there, yet our Core Install base already shot passed 400k. If we keep going at this rate, we might just be able to realize our dream.

2022: The launch of Code Snippets Pro! (700k+)

On July 1st, 2021 half a million websites were running Code Snippets, 500k! The biggest and most important milestone though is the launch of Code Snippets Pro, bringing us the biggest step closer to our ultimate goal. Also, we also hope to have a lot of trees planted this year and for years to come.

2022: Launching Cloud Snippets! (1M+?)

This is what we’ve been working towards, this is why we spend so many hours and drink so many coffees. A completely free, open to all platforms for sharing Code Snippets that help you customize your website with a lot fewer plugins.

You won’t need to buy Code Snippets Pro, but if you do you’ll save a lot of time. More details here:

Get Your Free Code Snippet Today!

Download the plugin and enjoy effortless execution of your code snippets on your website! 

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