#1 WordPress Code Snippets Manager

AI-enhanced code snippet management with cloud syncing
and intuitive customization features to help you create
a pixel-perfect website

Fewer Plugins

Single feature plugins often require nothing more than the right code snippet to replace them. We have an increasing library to choose from.

No more child themes

Child themes are cumbersome to keep up to date and worse to trouble shoot. Code Snippets lets you turn functions on and off like a light switch!

Customize safe and easy

PHP, CSS, Javascript or HTML Snippets. We make sure they end up where they belong, safe and easy to edit, without slowing down your WordPress website.
WordPress Code Snippets done right

Introducing the new Code Snippets cloud

Code snippets cloud is the online home for all of your code snippets. Store, share, explore and sync between all of your WordPress sites.

Automated Sync

Sync snippets from your WordPress site to the cloud and keep it updated automatically

Search from plugin

Search for code snippets directly from your plugin, for full access and convenience

Snippets Marketplace

Browse through thousands of free snippets on our marketplace and download the ones you want

Bundles of Joy!

Search and download Snippet Bundles in one go direct from Code Snippets Cloud

Discover Time And Money Saving Features

More than 50 Features that will make your website creation life so much easier 

Run Globally

Run snippets globally across a WordPress multisite network

Embed with shortcode

Embed content snippets into posts or pages using a simple shortcode.

Use any site builder

Embed content snippets using an Elementor Widget or editor block.

Add Tracking Code

Easily add tracking codes to the site’s <head> section

Import and Export

Transfer between sites in .json format

Display source code

Display source code to visitors using an Elementor widget or editor block.

Toggle snippets

Activate and deactivate snippets to control what runs on your site.


Group similar snippets together using tags.

Features that helps you save time and money

Combine snippets into an external stylesheet.

Browser Caching

Leverage browser caching for optimal efficiency.

Run once

Perform discrete tasks using run-once snippets.

Improve page load

Minify CSS and JavaScript snippets to improve file sizes and page load times.

Subscription Plans

14 days money-back guarantee


Nice start
$ 39
9 p/y
  • 1 website activation
  • 1 additional website for free
  • Unlimited Snippets
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, JS Snippets​​
  • AI Snippet Generation​​
  • AI Snippet Verification​​
  • AI Snippet Explanation​​
  • Sync Snippets between sites​​
  • Cloud Share Snippets publicly​​
  • Cloud Backup of Your Library​​
  • Cloud Private Code Vault​​
  • Cloud Snippet Bundles ​​
  • Supports all builders​​
  • Elementor Widgets
  • Gutenberg blocks
  • Product updates
  • VIP ticket support


Getting bigger
$ 69
9 p/y
  • 6 websites activations
  • Unlimited Snippets
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, JS Snippets​
  • AI Snippet Generation​
  • AI Snippet Verification​
  • AI Snippet Explanation​
  • Sync Snippets between sites​
  • Cloud Share Snippets publicly​
  • Cloud Backup of Your Library​
  • Cloud Private Code Vault​
  • Cloud Snippet Bundles ​
  • Supports all builders​
  • Elementor Widgets
  • Gutenberg blocks
  • Product updates
  • VIP ticket support


Have it all
$ 119
9 p/y
  • 200 websites activations
  • Unlimited Snippets
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, JS Snippets
  • AI Snippet Generation
  • AI Snippet Verification
  • AI Snippet Explanation
  • Sync Snippets between sites
  • Cloud Share Snippets publicly
  • Cloud Backup of Your Library
  • Cloud Private Code Vault
  • Cloud Snippet Bundles
  • Supports all builders
  • Elementor Widgets
  • Gutenberg blocks
  • Product updates
  • VIP ticket support
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If in your child theme the only file you are using is functions.php or if you’re using it to add custom CSS, HTML or Javascript, then you could quite easily replace the child theme with this plugin.

However, if you are using advanced templating features, then it would be easier to use a child theme. In the vast majority of cases, you’ll never need a child theme again.

Snippets of any type you add using this plugin are stored completely independently from the theme, and so will not be affected when you update or change your theme.

Yes you can. Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, Facebook Pixel or any other tracking code can easily be added to your snippet library without needing any other plugin.

While any extra plugin you add to your site will have some effect on overall performance, chances are that any change will be unnoticeable. The number of snippets you have on your site should make little difference, as they are all fetched in the same SQL query to ensure optimum efficiency.

By default, deleting Code Snippets does not remove any of your snippets or settings. This is to prevent accidental loss of data.

In order to ensure that Code Snippets cleans up all of its data, you need to first enable the ‘Complete Uninstall’ option on the plugin settings page, and then delete Code Snippets through the WordPress ‘Plugins’ menu. 

Yes! You can individually export a single snippet using the link below the snippet name on the ‘Manage Snippets’ page or bulk export multiple snippets using the ‘Bulk Actions’ feature.

Snippets can later be imported using the ‘Import Snippets’ page by uploading the export file.


Yes. You can run snippets across an entire multisite network by Network Activating Code Snippets through the Network Dashboard. You can also activate Code Snippets just on the main site, and then individually on other sites of your choice.

Visit our Help Center menu for more time-saving documentation

Buy Code Snippets Pro

Code Snippets pays for itself. Save time developing, save money on fewer plugins and have no more migraines because of child themes or 'bug hunting'.
Choose any plan to see them all:

Fewer plugins, less mess

Save time

Add code snippets that will enhance your performance.

Save money

Many premium widgets can be replaced by snippets.

More secure

Fewer plugins means fewer potential security concerns.

More speed

Remove the additional overhead of bulky plugins.

Easy updates

Never deal with the pain of overwitten customizations again.

All pricing is in USD. You can change plans or cancel your account at any time.

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t like our products over the next 14 days, we will refund you. We only ask why, so we can keep improving!

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