Pre-Sales Questions

You're interested in buying Code Snippets Pro and need to know more about a use case or feature. No worries, we've got you covered. There are different ways to contact us, with different response times. Choose one that suits your needs.

Please note: we cannot reply to Support Questions.

Disclaimer: all times mentioned are guestimates and do not include unforeseen situations that might need our full attention. In short, we promise to do the best we can. We might not always be able to stick to these times. We can only ask for your understanding.

From bot to human

We reply in: 1 to 24 hours

Let our bot know you have a pre-sales question, and it will connect you to a human directly on their mobile. These particular humans do not answer support questions.

The Chat bot bubble always floats in the bottom right corner.

We reply in: less then 48 hours

Our GitHub is primarily meant to capture potential bugs for us to fix. We do have humans there who might be able to answer your pre-sales question.

We reply in: less than a week

Feel free to ask pre-sales questions here. For the sake of productivity we only check messages there once a week. It’s meant mainly for support issues.

(Please don't) Email

We reply in: less than a month

Most emails are little more than noise these day. In order to stay productive we check our inbox once a month on a fixed day.

Why these response times?

Did you know that 83% of all questions we receive can be answered by the user themselves in mere minutes? Most are covered by our website or documentation. Others have little to do with our product or company, and should instead be searched using a search engine like Google or DuckDuckGo.

It happens a to lot of users they might think to save some time by asking us. In reality they’re better offer taking a few minutes to get an answer right a away.

For us these few minutes quickly become thousands of hours. We chose to use this time to create a better product at an affordable price. Of course we made sure there’s ample documentation available to answer almost all questions. We’ve been collecting your questions since 2012 and have put them to good use!

We know this is very unusual. We hope you understand our reasoning and enjoy a better product because of it.

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