Planting Trees

Turns out trees are kind of important for life on this planet. Who knew right? 😅 So until we can establish Code Snippets HQ on Mars (Elon, we're looking at you!) we decided not to be bystanders. Make the same decision today!

How it works

Depending on what tier you subscribe to, we plant a number of trees in your name. Want to do more? Check out our aleafffiate program! Instead of money, discounts, or swag.. we plant trees for you. If you rather have money, reach out to us and we’ll do that. No questions asked. No guilt trip : )


So if you have the tier 3 plan and remain a customer for 5 years, 25  trees are planted in your name and many woodland creatures will revere your name for generations to come! That last bit might have been a slight exaggeration.

#WPFORREST and the Arbor Day Foundation

We started an independent initiative called #WPFORREST that motivates anyone making money in the WordPress ecosystem to give back to the planet. Basically what #TEAMTREES did for youtubers, but for ‘wordpressers’.

What does matter is that they’ve collectively made a huge difference to the Arbor Day Foundation. This highly respected NGO has been around for over 50 years, yet most of us have never heard of them until said ‘streamers’ chose to get their hands dirty. We love that. We respect that. We support that.

Of course every single donation goes straight to ADF and is fully used to plant trees on all continents except Antartica. And if you really want to dig into the details and discover why this is making such a difference, read this report: “Natural climate solutions“.

We don’t actually hug trees, but we sure love breathing. Do you?

Aleaffiate Program (become a green affiliate)

For every subscriber you bring us, we plant 1, 3 or 10 tree depending on the subscription they buy. And we don’t just do it just once, but every year you and the other remains a customer!

Signup will start soon after Code Snippets Pro v3.1.

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